I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful person and teacher!  As my Health Coach you have taught me to understand food and emotion, listening to what the body is saying, and incorporating more raw food into my daily diet.  Especially green juice!!  I feel better about myself and what I'm doing for my body and what I'm teaching my son.  I love your recipe book, "Homegrown," so good!  This hasn't been a journey just about food for me, but life and living the best I can.  Thank you for having me try foods I never have before!  It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I thank you for that!”

- Susie Karson, Ocean Pines, Maryland

"For a couple years now, I have been suffering from stomach issues. No matter what I ate or where I ate (home or at a restaurant), my stomach constantly hurt. I actually never had a day where it felt normal. I finally made an appointment with a gastroenterologist and received a clean bill of health. How frustrating! I started telling Kelly about my stomach issues and she suggested I try her green juice, which I immediately turned my nose up at...but I thought, why not, it's worth a try. After a few glasses, I noticed a huge difference in my stomach. I could actually have a meal at a restaurant without feeling like I needed to run home or suffer through a stomach ache for the next few hours. I have been successfully drinking my green juice for the last 3 months. When I miss a day or week, I notice a change in my overall wellbeing. In addition to the green juice helping my stomach, it has helped clear up my skin. I cannot thank Kelly enough for being persistent about her green juice! My stomach thanks her too." 

- Jessica Wachter, Owings Mills, Maryland

"After a particularly exhausting period of socializing (read "eating and drinking like nobody's business"), I decided I would try Kelly's 5-day detox, thinking "I can do anything for five days."  She makes it SO easy for you, with menus, shopping lists, and DELICIOUS recipes.  (The only thing that would make it easier would be if she was your personal chef.)  Beginning on about Day 3, I felt better than I had in years, and most remarkable, I actually loved the food!  Even more remarkable, I KEPT GOING.  I'll still indulge, but less frequently.  This has become the way I eat.  I love how I feel (much more energetic), and I love food and cooking again.  Kelly is a food/health genius!"

-Suzy Wojcik, McLean, Virginia