These days Pilates has become so mainstream even professional sports and college athletics are incorporating Pilates into there weekly exercise and workout regimes. Doctors, trainers, coaches, and players are discovering the listless benefits Pilates offers for conditioning and training athletes and dancers.

Growing up as a "4-season" athlete, (meaning I played sports- spring, summer, fall, and winter) I wish Pilates was as prominent and available to me. My flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, agility, and capabilities would have skyrocketed with the benefits you can get from a regular Pilates practice.

Not to mention the injury-prevention Pilates offers and the post injury rehabilitation and therapy. A knee injury ruined my opportunity to play in college, receive a scholarship, and pretty much ended my days of running and playing basketball. Looking ahead to the future, I hope that the opportunities to improve an athletes skills through Pilates would be something I could contribute back to athletes looking to play in school, on a collegiate level, and even professionally. 

The benefits of stronger muscles and core, better posture and balance, increased coordination, flexibility, and agility, and the mind-body connection allow an athlete to extend their years of playing time as well as prevent injuries.



"Whether twisting the body on a drive, squatting down to measure a putt or leaning over to pick up a ball, golfers constantly torquing their bodies. Golf also requires repetitive motion and movements. As a result some muscles become overused and others weaken, causing imbalances.

Photo Credit: Next Wave Studios

Photo Credit: Next Wave Studios

For a golfer, muscle imbalances can affect the legs, hips, arms, shoulders, and the lower back. Your drives may be shorter and less accurate, stamina may decrease, and the potential for debilitating strains and injuries become much higher.

Pilates keeps the body in balance and improves performance. Pilates is based on movement from the center of the body as are most shots in golf. It strengthens the core while it improves rotation, range of motion, and stability. It is also a full body exercise that is easy on the joints. The end result is a flexible, symmetrically muscled body that is strengthened from the inside out." -Balanced Body


Pilates will help you:

Photo Credit: Next Wave Studios

Photo Credit: Next Wave Studios

  • Build up the back muscles evenly

  • Elongate and align the spine

  • Strengthen the core

  • Increase overall flexibility, strength, and balance

  • Increase range of motion in hips and shoulders

  • Enhance concentration through focused breathing

  • A stronger and more stable core helps golfers:

  • Attain an optimal back swing and follow-through with increased range of motion in shoulders

  • Get more distance and power

  • Have a stronger and bigger hip turn for greater power through rotation

  • Create a smoother and more powerful swing

  • Maximize balance and alignment

  • Decrease fatigue and less strain on the body

  • Play without pain!