Meet our inspiring instructors!!

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Jen Edmonston

A dancer in her former life; Jen continues to love the foundations and principles at the core of classical ballet.  After a dance ending injury, Jen turned to other forms of fitness and got her AFFA group fitness certification and taught aerobics for ten years.  While pursuing her Master’s degree, she put teaching aside and focused on her education and career.  Recently, through meeting Kelly and trying Pilates, Jen has learned to listen to her body and heal from a major surgery, all the while finding a new fitness love. 



Debbie Finger

Debbie Finger

Debbie and her husband Wayne recently moved from Syracuse NY to be closer to her parents and assist with their health needs.  Debbie’s passion for yoga began over ten years ago when she was feeling the adverse effects of stress and not able to overcome anxiety and fatigue from her daily exercise routine of going to the gym or biking.  Yoga is a powerful, beautiful practice that has far reaching benefits for the mind, body and soul! 

As a healthcare professional for over 38 years, Debbie has had the privilege to be part of peoples lives, caring for them, educating and supporting them through their disease processes, and hopefully offering them the tools to lead a more healthy productive natural life!  Debbie earnestly believes if we did more yoga, meditation and used essential oils regularly, we would have less need for medications!  Research is showing that these are important and valuable resources for us to use daily to achieve a more holistic and natural living life!

Come join her as she shares the beautiful practice of yoga!