Jump start Your Healthy Lifestyle with this 7 day program. Skip the fad diets that don't work! Get excited about moving again. Focus on you mind, body, and soul. Finally start putting yourself first?

My Jump Start Program Will Help You:

  • Eat better, Not Less!

  • Learn to Eat for Your Body Type, Needs, and Desires

  • Begin Eating Whole, Delicious, Nutrient Based Foods 

  • Overcome Your Chronic Health Concerns

  • Gain Energy and Get Radiant, Glowing Skin

  • Get Excited About Exercise and Fitness Again

  • Kick Old Habits and Cravings

  • Restart Your System and Rid Your Body of Toxins

  • Boost Your Immune System and Shed Unwanted Pounds

What You Get With the Program:   

  • 7 days of quick, simple recipes, menu ideas, and cooking tips

  • A full grocery list & the secrets on how to shop your grocery store

  • Learn how to buy local and seasonably to get the most nutrients from your food

  • Get 15 exercises to get your body moving

  • One (one-on-one) phone consultation. Access to the Farm Foodie Fitness monthly newsletter, handouts, food charts, and other wellness information.

  • Introduction Package of Essential Oils to help you introduce oils into your lifestyle.

  • Clean up your gut and learn the benefits of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics and why they should be apart of your daily regime. 

  • Learn "The Truth about Sugar," the affect it has on the body, and how kick your sugar habit for good.

  • Understand "Primary Food." Find out how to balance and control all the other parts of your life non-food related. Understand how it affects the way you eat, even how changes in your emotions and sleeping patterns can affect your total wellness.

  • Get the Mind-Body Connection. Plan long term health and wellness goals.

  • Understand you cravings and why your body reacts or doesn't react to different foods, diets, etc.

  • Access to my private Wellness Facebook Forum

  • Lifetime access to my wellness and program resources.