Finally a Detox program you don't have to be afraid of or drink a bunch of nasty tasting smoothies all day long for weeks on end. Eat real, delicious, whole foods for only 5 days and detox your way to being healthy again!!

My Detox Will Help You:

  • Cleanse Your Body

  • Kick Old Habits

  • Shed Unwanted Pounds

  • Expel Toxins & Gain Energy

  • Boost Your Immune System & Reduce Inflammation

  • Get Glowing Radiant Skin

  • Restart Your System & Kick Chronic Health Concern

What You Get With Your Program:

  • 5 days of quick, simple recipes and menu ideas

  • A full grocery list & the secrets on how to shop your grocery store

  • 10 exercises to get your body in motion

  • One (one-on-one) phone consultation

  • Access to the Farm Foodie Fitness monthly newsletter, handouts, food charts, and other wellness information

  • Introduction Package of Essential Oils to help you introduce oils into your lifestyle

  • Learn exercises and the basics of breathing for cleansing and detoxifying 

  • "The Truth about Sugar" and the affect it has on the body 

  • Access to my private Wellness Facebook Forum

  • Lifetime access to my wellness and program resources


"After a particularly exhausting period of socializing (read "eating and drinking like nobody's business"), I decided I would try Kelly's 5-day detox, thinking "I can do anything for five days."  She makes it SO easy for you, with menus, shopping lists, and DELICIOUS recipes.  (The only thing that would make it easier would be if she was your personal chef.)  Beginning on about Day 3, I felt better than I had in years, and most remarkable, I actually loved the food!  Even more remarkable, I KEPT GOING.  I'll still indulge, but less frequently.  This has become the way I eat.  I love how I feel (much more energetic), and I love food and cooking again.  Kelly is a food/health genius!" -Susan Wojcik