Anyone living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS, and any hyper-mobility dysfunction knows every day is different with your symptoms and with how your body feels. How can a person achieve a better quality of life and live it to the fullest? Pilates is your ticket. Pilates exercises help to stabilize the joints, strengthen the muscles around the joint, reduce pain and discomfort, increase balance, coordination, functionality, develop body awareness and core strength to support the appendages and help with the overstretching and weakness of the skin, ligaments, organs, and muscles.

One-On-One private sessions are suggested to focus on the individuals specific needs, desires, limitations, and goals. Each person with EDS, POTS, and Hyper-mobility have different levels and diagnosis and should be assessed on a personal level. Please feel free to contact Kelly with any questions or concerns. EDS and POTS are very close to her heart and she understands the limitations and precautions that coincide with these syndromes.