Last 10 Pounds!!

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Last 10 Pounds!!

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Ready to get fit and trim for the upcoming bathing suit season, reunion, or just ready to feel good about yourself again? Hate those last 10 pounds that won’t seem to budge?? This package will get you jump started and well on your way to losing inches, eating better, and looking great in those skinny jeans again!


This Program Will Help You:

  • Lose inches  and burn fat

  • Gain flexibility, endurance, balance, and control

  •  Build long lean muscles and core strength

  • Learn to eat healthier and make the right choices

  • Restart your system, kick chronic health concerns, and old habits

  • Feel good about yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally

  • Gain self-confidence, get moving and healthy again

  • Expel toxins & gain energy

What You Get With Your Program:

  • 2 (50 minute) Private Pilates sessions

  • 3 Live Streaming classes

  • 2 (one-on-one) Health Coaching or Nutrition Sessions

  • Kelly’s 5 day detox program. Also includes recipes and menu ideas

  • Kelly’s new e-book. “5 Guiltless Raw Desserts”

  • A full grocery list & the secrets on how to shop the grocery store

  • Access to monthly newsletter and to my private wellness forum

  • “The Truth about Sugar” how it affects the body

  • Lifetime access to all my wellness and program resources

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