Live in Balance Wellness Program

This program focuses on living your best life…Mind, Body & Soul.

*10 day guide of healthy meals.  It will contain 10 days of delicious recipes designed by Kelly to keep you on track, feeling great and satisfied throughout the program. There will be options to substitute of modify ingredients for restrictions or things you don’t like.


* Grocery list of everything you will need for the recipes.


*Pantry list- things you should have stocked inside your pantry on a regular basis to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.


* 2- one hour long conference/streaming calls with Kelly. Where we’ll discuss food, wellness, health, Pilates and have time for Q/A for all your questions and concerns. During the second week. Kelly will live stream a cooking demo so you can learn to make one of our favorite desserts. These will be recorded if you can’t make the times determined.


* 2- live streaming Mat Pilates classes they will be held on Thursday, May 2nd and Tuesday May 9th at 8:30 am and will also be recorded so you can use them at your leisure.


* You will have Kelly as you coach/guru for those 10 days, to ask questions or contact so you can succeed and reach your goals.


·      A checklist to keep you on track and to take note of your intentions and successes. Space to keep notes of what works and what may be not working for you.


*A community of like-minded wellness women to help you along the way, stay focused, boost you up and be your accountability buddy.

Email Kelly for more information, questions or to sign up for our next session.