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Ever wanted to travel to Europe and take Pilates while you're there???? We're headed to Andalusia, Spain in October 2019 for our second Pilates Retreat! We're so excited and hope you can join us for a fabulous trip of rest, relaxation, Pilates, Spanish culture, cuisine, history, and the cities!

This year we will be staying in a villa in the south of Spain. (The picture is where we will actually be staying) Along with daily private Pilates classes, we will enjoy private cooking classes, a trip to the beach, a tours to Grenada and Malaga, sight-seeing, shopping, and dining in local towns.

Who's ready to travel to Spain for some Pilates and Spanish culture?? Email for more information! Space is limited so don’t wait!!

OCTOBER 2019- Andalusia, Spain

APRIL/MAY 2020- ???