Meet our incredible instructors!!


Tana Martin:

Tana Martin has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga since 1993. She has attended numerous workshops, trainings and yoga conferences with many inspirational teachers at the local and international level. She is a registered Hatha Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and holds a teacher certification from The Yoga Center of Columbia, MD. She has studied with JJ Gormley, founder of Surya Chandra Healing Yoga, for more than a decade and is currently enrolled in her program at the 700 hour level. Born and raised in York Pennsylvania she was co-owner of Eight Stones Yoga Studio. Currently living by the ocean on Maryland’s Eastern shore she has taken her practice to the water and the air! Join her for yoga indoors and outdoors, aerial yoga, and SUP yoga (stand up paddle board). She offers classes and workshops for breast cancer patients and survivors on how the healing and transformative benefits of yoga practice have helped her through her own breast cancer experience.
“It is my desire to assist my students in a compassionate, skillful and playful way so that each may develop tools to discover the many benefits this practice provides after leaving their mat. I feel that breath awareness is an integral part of yoga practice and from that a natural sense of movement and grace evolves, guiding each student to their own unique experience. My Yoga practice has brought the greatest sense of joy and introspection to my life and it is my pleasure and privilege to share it.” ~With Gratitude~ Tana

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Jen Edmonston

A dancer in her former life; Jen continues to love the foundations and principles at the core of classical ballet.  After a dance ending injury, Jen turned to other forms of fitness and got her AFFA group fitness certification and taught aerobics for ten years.  While pursuing her Master’s degree, she put teaching aside and focused on her education and career.  Recently, through meeting Kelly and trying Pilates, Jen has learned to listen to her body and heal from a major surgery, all the while finding a new fitness love. 

Jen hopes that, by sharing ballet techniques as they relate to posture and form in the barre setting, others will experience some of the many joys that have been a huge part of her life and her love for the ballet.      

Look for her filling in this summer!