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Couples Massage Demonstration with Licensed Massage Therapist Jami Citrano

Join Jami Citrano and Certified Raw Chef, Kelly Hughes Roberts for a night of couples massage instruction and delicious healthy bites. Jami Citrano will offer partners the opportunity to learn how to give each other a massage that address common areas of tension. She will teach techniques that are effective and easy to learn. Each person will have the chance to give and receive with support in the process of learning.

Jami will offer instruction on how to give each other a massage in a way that feels good and provides relief. In this setting couples can give and receive feedback and
learn how to massage each other effectively. Couples are encouraged to dress comfortably and be ready for a fun relaxing night!

Jami has been providing massages for over 14 years and has been voted Best Massage Therapist multiple times. In addition to her private practice, Jami also works at Atlantic General Hospital in the Regional Care center providing oncology massage for patients and caregivers.
As a massage therapist on the Eastern Shore for over a decade, she has developed a good rapport with area doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Kelly Hughes Roberts, is the owner of Beach Pilates and Wellness Studio. She is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Holistic Health Coach and Raw Chef. We'll be enjoying a few of her original healthy recipes from her cookbooks. Kelly is also the owner of Kelly Hughes Roberts/Farm Foodie Fitness, an online health and wellness membership that offers 24/7 accessibility to online Pilates workouts, nutrition counseling, and a health and wellness community. Kelly is also a published author. You can check out everything she has to offer on either or her sites.

Class Price is $99 per couple